Use Cases

Outgas Testing Results of Braskem Polypropylene and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Filaments

Outgas can be critical in the use of 3D printing in space or environments under vacuum. In particular, outgassing can effect critical electronics and optical equipment is not managed properly. When volatile compounds evaporate, they eventually will find a place to condense, which can result in surface contamination, corrosion, or fogging of critical components. See how Braskem materials performed in this 1 page case study. 

Impact Toughness at Subzero Temperatures of Braskem Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Filament

The impact toughness of Braskem FL900PP-CF Carbon Fiber Reinforced polypropylene filament was tested at 0 degree and -20 degrees Celsius to better understand material performance at subzero temperature conditions. The material demonstrated outstanding performance retaining up to 99% of its impact toughness making it an excellent choice for cold weather applications.

Drone Arm Optimization Utilizing Braskem Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Filament

Utilizing Braskem FL900PP-CF carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene filament and nTopology design software a standard drone arm was optimized to for improved flight time, weight reduction and impact resistance.

ABS Material Replacement in Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Utilizing Braskem Polypropylene Filaments

Learn how XMBOTS, one of Brazil's largest drone manufacturers for industrial applications such as agriculture, livestock, energy, aerospace, security, and logistics utilized additive manufacturing and Braskem polypropylene filaments to increase the efficiency of existing parts designs, reduce overall production costs and time to manufacture.

Battle Robot Cost Optimization Utilizing Additive Manufacturing and Braskem Polypropylene Filaments

Students from Insper, a leading University located in Sao Paolo Brazil, routinely sponsor battle robot competitions, where students are challenged to build robots to compete in an arena to defeat their opponents through high impact collisions that will render their opponents robot inoperable. These robots are highly customized and must be designed to be impact resistant and lightweight.  Learn how they utilized Braskem polypropylene filaments and additive manufacturing to replace costly parts made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) to reduce their overall cost to produce and speed up their iterative design process.

Aluminum Material Replacement for Mounting Base for Robotic Arm Assembly

SPI, a leader in robotic automation technologies, sells customized solutions for UR3 and UR5 robotic arms.  Learn how they utilized Braskem polypropylene filaments and additive manufacturing to design and manufacture a custom mounting base, traditionally made from aluminum, resulting in a chemically resistant and cost effective solution.

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