Our next-generation 3D printing filaments and 3D printing pellets are specifically engineered for both industrial and consumer-grade applications.

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Light-weight and Impact Resistant

Chemical Resistance and Durability

Versatile and Easy to Print

High Strength and Abrasion Resistant

Made from 100% Recycled Materials

Made from Sugarcane

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Our mission is to bring your projects to life by developing material solutions that match your needs. We seek to unlock new materials that will break innovation barriers in additive manufacturing, bringing unlimited possibilities.

  1. Braskem PP Filaments
    Braskem PP Filaments
    From $35.00
  2. Braskem Recycled PE - CF Filaments
    Braskem Recycled PE - CF Filaments
    From $59.00 From $59.00
  3. Braskem PP CF Filaments
    Braskem PP CF Filaments
    From $65.00

M. Alvarez | Great Stuff

Good price for Polypropylene and the quality is also good. I will be buying more for sure when I need to.

AJ | Great surface finish

Very surprised how well this material printed. You would never know it was made from recycled materials, printed easily and had a great surface finish.

RC | Easiest filament to print so far

It prints nice, no jams, no bubbles, strong light, nice prints. I almost use it exclusively.

About Xtellar

Xtellar is a market leader in 3D materials innovation, offering one of the industry’s most unique portfolios of professional-grade materials for additive manufacturing applications such as automotive, aerospace, healthcare, consumer, and industrial. Through our decades of expertise in materials science and product development, state-of-the-art 3D printing labs, and strategic partnerships with industry leaders, we are committed to delivering sustainable and innovative materials solutions to the market.



Our approach combines visionary thinking and cutting-edge creativity to unlock the next level of 3D materials innovation.  


We believe in creating lasting relationships through trust and mutual respect.


We deliver custom 3D materials solutions using our expansive network of resources to defy the status quo.


We work to ensure the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. By working together, we can unlock the true potential of additive manufacturing.