Bio Based

Xtellar’s range of bio-based polymers for 3D printing is the next evolution in sustainable solutions for additive manufacturing. Sourced from sugarcane-based polymers, Xtellar Bio-Based 3d printing Filaments and 3d printing Pellets are in a class of their own regarding sustainability, quality, and functionality. 

Why Use Bio Based?



No Drying

Fatigue Resistance

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  1. Braskem Bio PE Filaments
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  2. Braskem Bio EVA Filaments
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  3. Braskem Bio-Based Flexible EVA Pellets
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Xtellar specializes in bio-based filaments and pellets for additive manufacturing. Our unique formulations are engineered to minimize warpage, maximize interlayer adhesion, and dimensional stability.


Our bio-based formulations are derived from sugar cane and have a low carbon footprint making them a great choice for applications such as consumer goods, packaging, automotive, marine and other industrial applications.