One of the most commonly used polymers for traditional manufacturing processes such as injection molding and blow molding is now available for 3D printing. Our Polyethylene (PE) 3d printing filaments are specially formulated for additive manufacturing, resulting in some of the most unique formulations of PE on the market. Due to its excellent durability, low density, and impact resistance, Polyethylene is a great choice for rapid prototyping, rigid packaging, consumer goods, and industrial applications.  

Why Use Polyethylene?

Chemically Resistant


No Drying

Fatigue Resistance

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Xtellar specializes in polyethylene filaments and pellets for additive manufacturing. Our unique formulations are engineered to minimize warpage, maximize interlayer adhesion, and dimensional stability.


Polyethylene has excellent chemical resistance, is light-weight and durable, making it a great choice for Consumer goods, Packaging, Marine, and other industrial applications.