Forget what you thought you knew about 3D printing with Polypropylene (PP). Xtellar’s PP 3d printing materials have been specifically engineered for additive manufacturing applications. Each formulation is designed to minimize warpage and maximize interlayer adhesion, dimensional stability, and bed adhesion, resulting in some of the easiest-to-print Polypropylene materials on the market today. Polypropylene is up to 30% lighter than ABS and PLA and provides an excellent balance of low density, impact strength, and dimensional stability, making it a great choice for automotive, industrial, marine, robotics, and aerospace applications. 

Why Use Polypropylene?

Chemically Resistant


No Drying

Fatigue Resistance

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Polypropylene is the perfect solution for 3D printing.

Xtellar's broad portfolio of polypropylene (PP) materials offers many solutions for a variety of 3D printing technologies, including fused filament fabrication (FFF), selective laser sintering (SLS) , and high-speed pellet extrusion.

Xtellar specializes in polypropylene filaments, pellets and powders for additive manufacturing. Our unique formulations are engineered to minimize warpage, maximize interlayer adhesion, and dimensional stability.

Our polypropylene filaments, and pellets have been engineered specifically for 3D printing, making them easy to print and set up. Unlike traditional 3D printing materials, polypropylene has an inherently low density, is chemically resistant, and provides a balance between strength and impact resistance.

Xtellar pellets are specially designed for pellet extrusion 3D printing. Our unique formulations will increase overall printability and flow to ensure high quality prints.

Through this collaboration we are able to offer solutions that can be leveraged by a broad array of manufacturing segments such as automotive, aerospace, packaging, consumer, and more.


Polypropylene is lightweight and has an excellent balance of strength and impact resistance, perfect for Aerospace, Automotive, Sporting Goods, Consumer, Marine, Medical, and other industrial applications.