Looking for a more sustainable solution for your next 3D printing project? Xtellar offers a unique line of recycled polymers for both desktop and large format pellet printers. We have developed strategic partnerships with a select number of recyclers to maintain a high level of consistency and quality for our recycled 3D printing materials.

Why Use Recycled?

Sustainably Sourced


No Drying

Easy to Print

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  1. Taulman3D Recycled PETG Filament
    From $28.00
  2. Braskem Recycled PE Filaments
    From $49.00
  3. Braskem Recycled PE - CF Filaments
    From $59.00
  4. Braskem Recycled PE - CF Pellets
    From $475.00

4 products

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Xtellar specializes in recycled 3D printer filaments and pellets for additive manufacturing. Our unique formulations are engineered to minimize warpage, maximize interlayer adhesion, and dimensional stability.


Our recycled formulations provide a great sustainable alternative for your next project. Key applications include Consumer Goods, Furniture, Automotive, Marine, and other industrial applications.