Taulman3D Recycled PETG Filament

Taulman3D is raising the bar for recycled 3d printing material, Enviro PETG offers a fully recycled product from feedstock to spool. The material is made entirely from post industrial waste and is an excellent alternative to regular PETG filaments which require more energy to produce. Enviro PETG is contains 100% recycled material and offers exceptional print quality on dozens of 3d printing platforms. Filament and spool are both 100% recycled.
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  • Automotive, Packaging, Consumer, and Industrial Applications
  • Rapid prototyping and mass-customization
  • Lightweight part design
  • Compatible with Ultimaker, Creality and similar equipment
  • 100% Sustainably Sourced Content
  • High ductility
  • Excellent Surface Finish
  • Low Warpage and High Dimensional Stability
  • Available Colors: Black, White, Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Aqua
  • Available Diameters: 2.85mm, 1.75 mm
  • Excellent Bed Adhesion
  • High Strength
  • Made in the United States
More Information
MaterialRecycled, PETG
Density1.23 ~ 1.27g/cm³
Fiber ReinforcedN/A
Tensile Strength50 MPa
Flexural Modulus2000 MPa